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Learn to light up your bedroom with stylish fixtures and lamps with the design experts at Lamps Plus. This video will show you how to utilize layers of light to maximum effect. Turn your space into a celebration of you. Shop our extensive selection at

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0:18 - Layers of Light
0:24 - First Layer - General Room Lighting
0:56 - Second Layer - Floor Lamps Brighten Corners
1:18 - Third Layer - Bedside Lighting
2:00 - Layers of Light Summary

For the best bedroom lighting, we recommend incorporating 3 different layers of light. The first layer is overhead lighting. This can be achieved with recessed lights or an overhead fixture. The second layer is to brighten up your corners, a floor lamp is perfect for this. The final layer is bedside lighting. You can add this with either a set of wall lamps or table lamps for the same effect.

You want to make sure that your lights can be adjusted for your needs. We recommend placing your lamps and fixtures on a dimmer so they can easily be changed to fit your mood. You can find a variety of dimmer options on our website:

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Light up your room with a stylish floor lamp:

Disperse shadows with illuminating wall lamps:

Decorate your bedside table or nightstand with one of our table lamps:

We hope you like these tips and we want to know if you implement these tips into your bedroom design.
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