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After hours of research, purchasing cat food, and testing both with our own cats and in a lab, we've chosen the top 11 best cat foods of the year.
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0:00 Introduction
0:11 How We Chose the Best Cat Food
1:06 Smalls Fresh Cat Food
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2:41 Rawz Wet Cat Food
4:10 Nulo Freestyle/Medalseries Wet Cat Food
5:00 Dr. Elsey's cleanprotein™ Dry Cat Food
6:30 Open Farm RawMix Dry Cat Food
7:48 Open Farm Freeze-Dried Raw Cat Food
8:46 Caru Classics Stew for Cats
9:57 KOHA Pet LID Wet Cat Food
11:28 Tiki Cat Succulent Chicken in Chicken Consomme
12:23 Weruva Truluxe Steak Frites Wet Cat Food
13:27 Wellness CORE Turkey & Chicken Liver Wet Kitten Food

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Explore the world of feline gastronomy with our Smalls Cat Food Review! Uncover premium ingredients and purr-worthy taste in every bite.
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Explore the world of feline gastronomy with our Smalls Cat Food Review! Uncover premium ingredients and purr-worthy taste in every bite.

Timestamp Sections:
00:00 Intro
01:35 About Smalls Cat Food
02:50 What's in the cat food?
05:36 How it works?
06:24 Plans & Pricing
07:49 User Experience
08:16 Competitors
08:48 Recommendation
09:22 Outro


Felecia introduces Smalls, highlighting its human-grade quality and convenient home delivery. She shares her positive experience with her picky eater kitten Felix, inviting viewers to explore what sets Smalls apart in terms of quality and convenience. Felecia emphasizes the importance of high-quality ingredients and the benefits of Smalls' direct-to-consumer model.

Product Details:

Felecia explains Smalls' commitment to producing fresh, healthy cat food without fillers or preservatives. She details Smalls' high protein content, sourced from USDA-certified cuts of meat, and the addition of essential vitamins, nutrients, and minerals. Felecia also discusses the inclusion of herbs, vegetables, and fatty acids, highlighting the absence of artificial additives and the variety of texture and flavor options available.

User Experience:

Felecia shares her firsthand experience with Smalls, describing Felix's positive response to the food and the noticeable improvements in his health. She discusses the ordering process, packaging, and pricing, highlighting the flexibility of Smalls' subscription model and the option for refunds if the cat doesn't like the food. Felecia compares Smalls to a competitor, Cat Person, and concludes by recommending Smalls as the best cat food choice for 2024, based on its quality ingredients and delivery convenience.

Hope you enjoyed my The best cat food brand: Smalls Cat Food Review 2024 Video.

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In this review we have discussed the Top 5 Best Dry Dog Food that you can use to feed your dog. These contains proper proteins, vitamins & fibre for your pet dog. Best Buy Link: 1. Pedigree Adult Dry Dog Food Chicken & Vegetables 10kg Pack - Drools Optimum Performance Adult Dry Dog Food Chicken 10kg - Chappi Adult Dry Dog Food Chicken & Rice 8kg Pack - Purepet Chicken and Vegetable Adult Dry Dog Food 20kg - Purina Supercoat Adult Dry Dog Food Chicken 10Kg Pack - #dogfood #pedigree